"Wageless Life" virtual book launch by Dr Ian Shaw

As part of the POLIS seminar series, we’re delighted to host the virtual book launch of Dr Ian Shaw’s "Wageless Life".

In this seminar, Dr Shaw, Associate Professor of Global Security Challenges, will virtually launch his new co-written book, “Wageless Life: A Manifesto for a Future Beyond Capitalism” (University of Minnesota Press, 2019).

“Wageless Life” is a manifesto for building dignified futures beyond the toxic failures of late-stage capitalism. Daring to imagine new social relations, new modes of economic existence, and new collective worlds, the book provides skills and tools for perceiving—and living in—a post-capitalist future. Noam Chomsky called the book, “Perceptive and enlightening, and a ray of light in dark times.”

All welcome, please join via the link to Teams.