Professor Caroline Dyer selected as one of 27 academics to be awarded funding from the British Academy

Professor Caroline Dyer is one of 27 academics selected to be awarded funding from the British Academy to research topics across the themes of heritage, dignity and violence.

The British Academy has awarded over £7.5 million to outstanding academics in the humanities and social sciences working to generate evidence on the challenges and opportunities faced in developing countries.

The awards will fund projects which 'demonstrate innovative and interdisciplinary approaches, build our understanding of human and cultural contexts, and expand the research base in countries and populations with high unmet need and low research capacity'.

Professor Dyer has been awarded the funding for her project Sustainable Development for Pastoralist Women in India: Heritage, Dignity and Adaptations in Times of Rapid Change (HERDING).

The awards are part of the Sustainable Development Programme, supported by the UK Government’s Global Challenges Research Fund, which launched in 2016 and has already funded numerous projects. 

Find out more about the award on the British Academy website.