BBC Radio 5 Live speaks to Dr Victoria Honeyman on triggering Article 50

Dr Victoria Honeyman was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live regarding the triggering of Article 50 and what happens next.

Initially discussing the potential timeframe for negotiations and the economic impact of triggering Article 50, Dr Honeyman goes on highlight the need for caution and the magnitude of the change as, "we’re about to enter the most complicated logistical process that there’s been since the end of the Second World War. It covers every aspect of our lives".

She also debated the dangers of seeing it as a binary debate with a deal or no deal approach: “I think the definition of the deal is very telling and that the idea of a cliff edge deal – if we do end up not having a deal and going on world trade dealings that will have a detrimental effect on our economy with a drop in income to be spent on the NHS for example."

It’s about an organisation and a nation that are trying to up with a deal that is beneficial for both but is not the same as we already have. So there’s a big difference between having a deal and not having a deal – there are lots of shades of grey.

Dr Victoria Honeyman

Victoria concludes: “this is the biggest shake-up most people will have seen in their lifetimes, and on top of that there may be issues regarding independence in Scotland. So there are a whole series of issues that could be coming up in the next 18-24 months, which are fascinating but also could be quite concerning”.

Listen to Victoria’s predictions here (available on iPlayer for a limited time).