Professor Leston-Bandeira on Trump’s state visit to the UK

Professor Leston-Bandeira has written an LSE blog following the petition to prevent Trump’s state visit to the UK.

Professor Leston-Bandeira’s research on Parliament and Petitions has come to the fore this week, through a blog post she wrote for the LSE British Politics and Policy blog. Just under 2 million people signed a petition opposing Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK – half the number of those who signed one asking for a second EU referendum.

With the role of petitions taking centre stage as a result, Professor Leston-Bandeira situates the petitioning process within a broader policy-making context. She explains that petitions are an effective way of raising awareness or showing discontent, and that the adoption of public demands into policy remains subject to the usual political process. 

You can read the blog post here