Dr Christine Harlen on BBC discussing Trump’s nomination of Gorsuch

Dr Christine Harlen was interviewed about President Trump’s nomination of conservative Judge, Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Dr Harlen commented on Judge Gorsuch’s strong academic credentials with degrees from Columbia, Harvard and Oxford. She went on to say that if the confirmation process goes as expected, Gorsuch will follow with very conservative views of the US Constitution 1789 similar to the Justice he is replacing, Antonin Scalia. This means he is likely to interpret in the way framers of US constitution intended, giving him a very conservative view on issues like abortion and same sex marriage. But it’s also likely to make him a very strong defender of the rights of Muslims.

When asked about the significance of the appointment, Dr Harlen commented it was very significant since in recent years the Supreme Court has made rulings which have given sane adults the right to own a handgun, it has upheld Obamacare and it has required states to allow same sex marriage. Dr Harlen concluded that this appointment is particularly significant as Congress isn’t working very well, so the Supreme Court is increasingly deciding how controversial issues are being shaped.

Listen to the interview here (3 mins)