Professor Duncan McCargo comments about how the current crisis has tarnished Thai tourist guides

In an article in 'Time' Professor McCargo discusses what effect the recent crisis has had on Tourists perceptions of Thailand.

With reference to the recent anti-government protests, it is suggested that this political divide has had a determental effect on how Thailand is perceived by tourists.

Speaking about the on-going war of attrition in the deep south between Islamic insurgents and Buddhist security forces, Professor McCargo says; "Every few decades, there’s some sort of movement of resistance against Bangkok.”

Following on from the political disruptions up to the 1980's, discontent began to spread to other regions. Professor McCargo continues; “By adhering to this very rigid centralized power structure, Thailand has made it difficult to manage the populations across the country. As politics becomes polarized when you have a highly centralized system, there’s not much give and take.”

The full article is available to read online.