Dr Lars Berger has evidence about situation in Iraq and Syria published by House of Commons

Dr Lars Berger, Associate Professor in International Security, recently submitted evidence to the House of Commons Defence Committee.

In his submission Dr Berger addresses the current situation in Iraq and Syria and also makes suggestions on how to tackle the present threat from ISIS.

Executive summary
  • More effective support for the Kurdish and Syrian opposition is necessary to fight the threat of ISIS and to move the Syrian conflict toward a possible solution by helping to unite a fractured political opposition and by changing Iran’s calculus on the long-term  benefits of supporting Bashar al-Assad’s regime.
  • The eventual success of military efforts undertaken by the UK government and its Western and regional partners in rolling back ISIS influence on the ground will facilitate the group’s transformation into a transnational movement mirroring al-Qaeda and thus increase the risk of terrorist attacks in the wider Middle East and the West.
  • Any long-term strategy to fight ISIS and other Islamist extremist groups must involve the development of more inclusive religious discourses and the opening of political space for secular liberals and moderate Islamists across the Arab world.

Read the full report online.