Film directed by Professor Ray Bush entered into competition at Festival Doc Douz Days

"Fellahin" directed and produced by Prof Ray Bush and Habib Ayeb shortlisted for Tunisian film festival.

Fellahin provides insight into the missing dimensions of the Eqyptian and Tunisian uprisings. It highlights the importance of farmer resourcefulness and courage in the aftermath of economic and political turnmoil, and gives farmers the opportunity to voice out their hopes and fears. Small farmers have a strong analytical sense of what is wrong with Eqypt and Tunisia's rural development failures and as ine Eqyptian respondent notes: The resolution was good but the dream has not been fulfilled. The dream of freedom, social justice and human dignity.

The film uses farmer voices to explore the perception of small farmers of political uprisings and social transformation in Egypt and Tunisia after 2010. It has been chosen for entry into competition at the documentary film festival, Festival Doc Douz Days in Tunisia from 11-18 October. The festival is sponsored by the British Council.

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