Professor Ray Bush explains why intervention in Israel should not be in isolation

Professor Bush responds to a recent Guardian article "Gaza's only power plant destroyed in Israel's most intense air strike yet".

His response in featured in another article by The Guardian "Gaza catastrophe must be set in historical context", in which several people voice their opinion on this report.

Professor Bush is quoted as follows:

"Harriet Sherwood (Report, 30 July) highlights Israel’s destruction of Gaza’s power plant and Amnesty International says this represents “collective punishment of Palestinians”. Additional evidence of bombing UN centres confirms Israel’s disregard for the lives of children and other noncombatants in its continued (illegal) domination of the occupied Palestinian territories. The EU and US had developed a doctrine of Responsibility to Protect intended to prevent any repetition of Balkan, Rwandan or Sudan genocide ensuring intervention to keep warring parties apart. Yet R2P seems only to be applied in African scenarios – more convenient to deal with less sensitive states than Israel. Time perhaps for academics and policy-makers to ask for how long they will treat Israel as a special case when they are the illegitimate occupier of Palestinian territory and resistance to occupation remains lawful and just."

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