POLIS staff give evidence to House of Commons inquiry

The House of Commons cited evidence given by Professor Kevin Theakston and Dr Tim Heppell in the most recent report.

Evidence given by Professor Kevin Theakston and Dr Tim Heppell to the House of Commons Select Committee has been cited in the House of Commons recent report.

This evidence was submitted by to The House of Commons Select Commitee on Political and Constitutional Reform as part of its inquiry into the Role and Powers of the Prime Minister.

The MPs on the committee backed the proposal made by Professor Theakston and Dr Heppell that the House of Commons should have a formal role in the appointment of Prime Ministers through an investiture vote after general elections or on a mid-term succession in Number 10, and the select committee recommended that the Government should now give consideration to this idea to strengthen accountability to Parliament. 

The report was published in June and is available on the Parliment website.