Dr Stuart McAnulla quoted in BBC article discussing Scottish Independence

Dr McAnulla comments on England's view on Scottish independence.

With the Scottish referendum fast approaching, Dr McAnulla is quoted in a BBC article which considers England's view on independence.

In recent months there appears to have been a hightened interest in Scottish Independence among many. This issue is discussed in the BBC article "Scottish Independence: Does the rest of the UK care?" There has been a pattern of "increased interest about Scotland's decision in so-called rUK - the parts of the UK that will remain in the union if Scotland leaves."

"The BBC's recent debate between Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and Better Together frontman Alistair Darling was watched on BBC Two by 1.5 million people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland." Analysis of UK national newspapers suggests media coverage of the referendum is also growing.

Dr McAnulla is quoted "As the date draws nearer, the interest does appear to be increasing, and you are seeing more attempts to address the debate from politicians and celebrities in the rest of the UK." However he thinks certain issues that could have an impact on the whole of the UK are increasingly attracting attention too. "Alex Salmond's proposal to have a currency union after independence has recently dominated the debate in Scotland. As this directly affects England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the issue has also focused attention south of the border," he says.

A recent poll has suggested that 53% of people in England are against the idea of sharing the pound in the event of a "Yes" vote. Dr McAnulla adds a note of caution surrounding other elements of the debate, ""Many people in England are only dimly aware of the issues being so hotly contested in Scotland."

Further on in the article, it is suggested that the reason for Scots wishing to remain a part of the UK is mainly emotional. Dr McAnulla says what often comes across from those south of the border is an affection for Scotland and a recognition of how similar the countries are. "A sense of common interests and shared citizenship seems to be important."

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