Dr Honeyman reviews John McDonnell's debut at the Labour Party Conference

John McDonnell’s debut Labour Party Conference speech as shadow chancellor was hugely anticipated by both friends and foes.

Despite only being in post for two weeks, John McDonnell's speech at the Labour Party Conference, held last week, was eagerly anticipated. Dr Victoria Honeyman details his debut in The Conversation.

Dr Honeyman writes for The Conversation detailing the debut of the Shadow Chancellor after he took to the stage to deliver a somewhat 'short and light on detail' speech. The Shadow Chancellor discussed issues such as, campaigning for a 'real' living wage, higher taxation for big companies such as Google and Starbucks, cuts to the corporate welfare system, and rent control. But how will these ideas be delivered? And will the British public be convinced of the new Labour policies?

Read Dr Honeyman's article in full here.


Dr Honeyman also recently appeared on BBC Radio discussing Jeremy Corbyn's speech:

As the Labour Party Conference got underway, Dr Victoria Honeyman joined Martin Kelner to discuss Jeremy Corbyn’s speech