Summer Research Internships 2015

There are 16 available internships, this is a great opportunity for undergraduate students and leading academics/research staff to benefit from collaboration on a live research project .

We are delighted to announce that current second year students studying in the Faculty of Social Sciences can now apply for the Summer Research Internships Scheme.

This year there are 16 internships available; made possible via the very generous support of our alumni Footsteps and Q-steps project funding.

Chosen candidates will benefit by:

  • Working under the supervision of a research leader.
  • Gaining a valuable insight into the quantitative research process and developing key research skills and potential.
  • Developing self-leadership and mini-project management skills.
  • Reflecting on the value of their contribution and writing their research up.
  • Receiving a salary of £1,200.

The internship scheme provides a great opportunity for undergraduate students and leading academics/research staff to benefit from collaboration on a live research project hosted within one of four Faculties: Arts, Business, Environment or Education, Social Sciences and Law.

Each internship is of 5-weeks duration starting with a compulsory SPSS training ‘bootcamp’ on 6th-10th July 2015 


Apply here now: 

Please send fully completed application forms and an up-to-date CV (including all grades to-date) electronically via email to by 17:00 on Tuesday 05th May 2015.


Projects (click on project for details)

The Interface of Language and International Business (LUBS1-CIBUL-EP)
Mainland Chinese multinational firms operating within the European Union (LUBS2-CIBUL-EU)
Mainland Chinese multinational firms operating within the United Kingdom (LUBS3-CIBUL-UK)
Customer Services in Hospitality in the Education Sector (LUBS4-MKTG-JC)
Children’s integration of visual and linguistic information (ARTS1-LCS-CD)
Referential communication and executive function skills in bilingual children (ARTS2-LCS-CDC)
Making Sense of the Census (ARTS3-PRHS-AC)
Input Factors in Grammatical Competence and Performance (ARTS4-LCS-DN)
Exploring the diversity of the White Rose Shopping Centre Workforce  (ENV1-GEOG-AN)
Linking international household expenditure surveys, economic and environmental inequality (ENV2-EEN-JKS)
Identifying the drivers of step-changes in travel behaviour (ENV3-ITS-DM)
Are UK organisations preparing for a changing climate? (ENV4-AGSR-SD)
The working practices and job satisfaction of sex workers and the internet (ESSL1-SSP-TS)
The reponsibility to protect in the context of continuing War on Terror. A study of liberal interventionism and the Syrian crisis (ESSL2-POLIS-JS)
The political economy of anti-fraud measures in the Global South (ESSL3-POLIS-JW)
Healthy High Streets - Measuring Town Pride (LUBS5-MAN-MD)


Successful Candidates

You will be notified by email of the initial selection decision. Short-listed candidates may be asked to attend an informal interview as part of the selection process.

Successful applicants will be required to meet their supervisor before the end of Semester Two to discuss the practical details of starting their internships in summer 2015.

If you have any more questions please contact Andrea Denny via e-mail: after term starts again on 20thApril 2015.