POLIS student presents at annual Posters in Parliament competition

International Relations student, Emma Simpson presented her research poster as part of the Posters in Parliament initiative.

This vibrant event showcases some of the best undergraduate research from selected universities across the country, with students presenting research posters to invited guests, including many MPs, as well as undergoing a rigorous round of questions from a judging panel.

Emma explored the title “Trafficking the exotic: damaging representations of women of colour in the sex industry” which addressed the stereotype concerning the “exotic” or “animalistic” sexual behaviour of women of colour which goes on to increase their vulnerability to sex trafficking.

Posters in Parliament is linked with the British Undergraduate Research Conference (BCUR) which is taking place at the University of Winchester in April – 13 undergraduate students from the University of Leeds will be presenting their research at BCUR, including Emma. Students attending BCUR will receive financial support from the alumni Footsteps Fund.

Emma is quoted "The event was an incredible opportunity, not just to talk about and take pride in my own research, but to see the hard work of undergraduate researchers from all across the UK. I was fortunate enough to meet many other inspiring students, create opportunities for future collaboration and learn about the work in other disciplines."

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