Life after the referendum : Dr Victoria Honeyman speaks on national radio

 Dr Victoria Honeyman was featured on national and local radio last week as she spoke to both BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio Cumbria about the referendum and Scotland.

Dr Victoria Honeyman was interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live last Thursday about pre and post referendum, the stereotypes of leave vs. stay voters, as well as relevant research on the issue. Victoria discussed how leave voters have been branded 'racist’ whilst the remain voters have been stereotyped as “middle-class” and perhaps “not in touch with the real world”, all of which Victoria argues are far from the truth. Dr Honeyman also discussed why leave voters may have kept their vote secret, choosing not to share their political opinions with friends as they felt in the minority.

On the same day Victoria was also interviewed by BBC Radio Cumbria on the referendum and the effects on Scotland. Dr Honeyman discusses that whilst a referendum is “direct democracy”, the alternative to this would be simply voting for a political party every four to five years and charging them with such decisions. Victoria then tackled Scotland’s current position where some argue a second referendum should occur due to the change in terms with the UK now being out of the EU. Whilst Victoria highlights that a second referendum is an option, and one which other countries have previously taken, it is not something that the UK necessarily agrees with.

To listen to the full interviews, use the links below:

BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio Cumbria