Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign: Dr Simon Lightfoot and Dr Stuart McAnulla discuss on local radio

Dr Simon Lightfoot and Dr Stuart McAnulla were called upon for their political expertise last week as they featured on local radio stations.

Both Dr Simon Lightfoot and Dr Stuart McAnulla were interviewed about the launch of Jeremy Corbyrn's Labour leadership campaign.

Dr Lightfoot discussed the leadership campaign on BBC Radio Leeds, speaking about the division within the Labour party at the moment, as well as the divide in the party's supporters. Simon highlights that whist some Labour voters believe that Corbyn is taking the party in the right direction, Jeremy Corbyn’s message is not resonating with all supporters, some of which may have voted Labour for most of their lives. 

Meanwhile, Dr McAnulla was over at BBC Radio York discussing that despite recent criticism from the media and a lack of confidence from his MPs, Jeremy Corbyn appears confident with the rise of new supporters, who Corbyn hopes may potentially back him for leadership. Stuart highlights the criticism received now that Conservative Party have a new leader; a decision that the Labour party are yet to make. As a result, Stuart mentions how Corbyn has been keen to raise policy issues to prove their is "substance to what he says" and to create an alternative policy platform to what the Conservatives offer.

To listen to the interviews in full, use the relevant links below:

Dr Simon Lightfoot on BBC Radio Leeds

Dr Stuart McAnulla on BBC Radio York