ROAPE launches debate series on Capitalism in Africa

As part of the Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE), Dr Jörg Wiegratz has organised a roundtable on African capitalist society at the ASAUK 2016 in Cambridge.

The roundtable will involve fellow academics from across the world. Background to the roundtable can be accessed here and the roundtable report can be viewed here.

Following the roundtable event, ROAPE (a journal which is committed to a critical analysis of trends, issues and social processes in Africa) has since launched a new debate series on Capitalism in Africa. The series has started with various blog pieces, one by Dr Stefan Ouma (Frankfurt) on ‘Capitalism in Africa – A Critique of Critical Political Economy’ and one titled ‘Capitalist Redux: the Scramble for Africa’s Workers’ by Dr Kate Meagher (LSE).

ROAPE is now inviting further contributors from activists, academics, and PhD students around the globe, from different disciplines and perspective, to intervene in this discussion. ROAPE is hosting the debate in two forums. Shorter, more polemical pieces will appear on ROAPE's new website, longer ones as Briefings and Debates in the journal.  As part of the ROAPE editorial working group, Jörg will coordinate the series. Those who are interested in writing pieces please contact

ROAPE and POLIS have a strong connection beyond this initiative: Dr Alex Beresford is ROAPE editor and Prof Ray Bush member of the editorial working group.