University of Leeds re-selected to offer Parliamentary Studies Module

Twenty-three universities have been awarded the right to deliver the unique and highly regarded Parliamentary Studies Module from the academic year 2024/25.

In connection with the UK parliament’s commitment to promoting and supporting the study of Parliament, this is the third time that Parliament has sought collaborative institutions to deliver the module following sustained and successful engagement with UK universities since 2013. The University of Leeds has been selected again to deliver the pretigious Parliamentary Studies Module from the 2024/25 academic year. 

Parliamentary Studies is the only higher education module formally approved by the Houses of Parliament and is co-delivered by university teachers and Parliament officials. The module’s objective is to provide students with a thorough understanding of how Parliament works in theory and in practice. 

The School of Politics and International Studies offers the module as ‘The UK Parliament: Between Tradition and Reform’, which is convened by Professor Cristina Leston-Bandeira

Professor Leston-Bandeira has said in response to the announcement by Parliament, that,

We are absolutely delighted to have been selected by the UK Parliament to deliver the flagship Parliamentary Studies Module. 

This is a highly prestigious module, delivered in partnership with the UK Parliament, and which offers an exceptional learning experience to our students.

Being selected to deliver the module for another five years demonstrates our close collaboration with the UK Parliament.

Professor Leston-Bandeira (front-right) with students at the Houses of Parliament.

Professor Leston-Bandeira (front-right) with students at the Houses of Parliament