Dr Cristina G. Stefan teaches at the Expert International Summer School on Atrocity Prevention in Croatia

Dr Stefan taught at the fourth iteration of the intensive summer school on “Atrocity Crimes Prevention and Human Rights: Implementing the Responsibility to Protect”.

Dr Cristina G. Stefan taught at the Dubrovnik Atrocity Prevention Summer School in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The course took place between 7th and 12th May 2023. It covered “Atrocity Crimes Prevention and Human Rights: Implementing the Responsibility to Protect”.

The course examined the causes of atrocity crimes and how they escalate from patterns of human rights violations, the challenge and practices of early warning, and the practical dilemmas associated with preventative action.

Since its launch in 2019, the International Summer School on Atrocity Prevention has brought together over 100 students from a total of 17 countries including, Australia, Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The School provides our University of Leeds MA students with a unique opportunity not only to learn from an international group of expert professors and practitioners working on atrocity prevention but also to network with fellow students from across the world.

The Summer School is the initiative of the United Nations' former Special Adviser on Responsibility to Protect (R2P), Ivan Šimonović. Ivan is the current Permanent Representative of Croatia to the UN.

Dr Stefan was one of the four world experts on Atrocity Prevention that the UN Special Adviser asked to design and teach the course.

Dr Stefan is also one of the five directors of the Summer School alongside Alex Bellamy (University of Queensland), Mario Krešić (University of Zagreb), Martin Mennecke (University of Southern Denmark) and Ivan Šimonović (University of Zagreb). 

At this year’s course, three UN Special Advisers on R2P were present. These were Ivan Šimonović, George Okoth-Obbo and Karen Smith.