Dr Paolo Sandro analyses Labour’s plans to replace House of Lords

The House of Lords is the second chamber of UK Parliament. It plays a crucial role in examining bills, questioning government action and investigating public policy.

In a piece for ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ the School of Law’s Dr Paolo Sandro analyses the Labour Party’s plans to replace the House of Lords “highlighting the implications of the new ‘guardian’ role envisaged for the directly-elected Assembly which would make it it harder to change laws deemed to be ‘constitutional’”.   

...the devil will be in the details of Labour’s ambitious plan of constitutional reform for the UK. In particular, the capacity of the new Assembly of the Nations and Regions to act as the intended ‘constitutional guardian’ will necessarily be a function of the particular rules as to its membership and election (the report only mentions that it should be chosen ‘on a different electoral cycle from the House of Commons’).

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