Cristina G. Stefan cited in Protection Approaches call for Intersectional Atrocity Prevention ahead of Autumn Statement

Protection Approaches is a UK based charity working to tackle all forms of identity-based violence and mass atrocity.

In anticipation of Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement on 17 November 2022, Protection Approaches has cited Cristina G. Stefan in their call for a #BudgetToPrevent violence and mass atrocities. 

The charity emphasises the role that gender plays in global violence and mass atrocities. They cite Dr Stefan, who argues that ‘[t]he gendered nature of atrocity crimes needs to be incorporated in any UK approach to atrocity prevention’. Dr Stefan’s written evidence and contributions to the International Development Committee’s atrocity prevention report published in October 2022 are many, and are quoted by Protection Approaches as they draw on Dr Stefan’s call ‘for a gender-sensitive framework when working to prevent atrocities’. 

The charity’s public engagement of Dr Stefan’s research comes after the endorsement to Dr Stefan’s work by the Chair of the IDC, Sarah Champion MP. In July, Champion cited Dr Stefan’s argument that ‘[m]ass atrocities not only cause immediate and severe harm, they cause enduring adverse effects on social, political, economic, and cultural development’. Champion has also previously argued for the need to highlight gender inequality as a risk factor for mass atrocities, and like Protection Approaches and Dr Stefan, states that gender is crucial to approaching atrocity prevention.