INTER.PARES launches new online course designed by Professor Cristina Leston-Bandeira

INTER.PARES, a global project funded by the EU to strengthen the capacity of parliaments, has just launched an e-learning course on representation designed by Professor Leston-Bandeira.

The course will be used across the world to support parliamentary officials to develop their understanding of representation and public engagement in a modern society. The course is free and can be accessed on INTER.PARES’s learning portal*.

Professor Leston-Bandeira (Professor of Politics and Co-Director of the Centre for Democratic Engagement) was invited to design this course due to her global expertise on representation and public engagement with parliament. She is the co-founder and co-chair of the pioneering IPEN – International Parliament Engagement Network which brings together academics and parliamentary officials from all across the world.

Direct link to the e-learning course on representation*

*Please note, these links are correct but from time to time the learning portal is full – if this is the case, please try again later.