Dr Chris Dietz discusses benefits and limitations of the Danish gender recognition legislation

Dr Dietz was interviewed for Spanish news website “Newtral” for the article “The other trans laws: this is how various European countries regulate gender self-determination”

As the Spanish Government consider improving trans rights in Spain, The School of Law’s Dr Chris Dietz has been quoted in a piece discussing the benefits and limitations of the Danish gender recognition legislation, which formed the basis of his PhD research.

Dr Dietz is currently conducting research into self-declaration of legal gender status and in 2018 published a paper analysing the model of legal gender recognition in Denmark.

In Denmark each person has a ten-digit identifying number. The last one is the one that marks the gender: an even number indicates that you are a woman and an odd number, a man. In this way, the law allows a trans person to require a change of that final digit to mark the sex / gender with which they identify. For this only the will of the person is required, but this must be certified again six months after the initial request.

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