Dr Colin Mackie quoted in LLM Guide in article on increased demand for Social Justice LLM degrees

The article entitled “How LLM Degrees are Embracing Sustainability and Social Justice” explores why student and employer demand is high for courses that tackle world problems.

The School of Law’s Dr Colin Mackie spoke to LLM Guide (an online catalogue which aims to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date directory of Master of Laws (LLM) programs), about the increasing number of LLM students who are interested in studying sustainability and social justice issues.

Since the LLM in Law and Social Justice was introduced in the School of Law at the University of Leeds in 2018, demand has surged. From 2019 to 2020, applications rose by 109 percent. For 2021, we have seen another 26 percent rise in applications.

The article also looks at the role that lawyers can play in tackling sustainability and social justice issues, Dr Mackie told the LLM Guide “Lawyers are fundamental in addressing the world’s social and environmental challenges. Law permeates every aspect of society, meaning that there is a role for legal experts in a hugely diverse range of practice areas”.

“By drawing on contemporary, real-world issues, our Law and Social Justice LLM course highlights how justice may be achieved through working in a holistic and interdisciplinary manner with law working alongside health, policy and social work” said Dr Mackie.

“These opportunities are available across the commercial and non-commercial law sectors,” he adds “students could choose to go down the commercial law path yet still further the sustainability or social justice agenda.”

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