Library Annual Report features Dr Eike Rinke on Open Research

Dr Eike Rinke, Lecturer in Politics and Media, gave a short interview on open research for the University of Leeds Library's Annual Report.

Segments of Dr Rinke’s interview have been published in a short video as part of the report's section on research impact. Several colleagues from the University of Leeds feature on the video to discuss the importance of open research.

“Open research I think ultimately allows us to just get things right more often, more of the time and get closer to the truth, more of the time. By including as many people as possible in the process, that’s an important aspect of open research” says Dr Rinke.

I think it’s important for all of us to engage in open research just because all of us should be interested in producing the best work that we can and to have us be corrected as well it it’s necessary and that’s perhaps a big lesson of open research, in general, is that it refers is back to a need, a foundational need, I think to be humble about the work that we do

Dr Rinke