School of Law holds International Human Rights Day Roundtable discussion

The event was organised by the School of Law’s Equality, Diversion and Inclusion (EDI) Committee.

Thursday 10 December was International Human Rights Day 2020 and the School of Law’s EDI committee recognised the day with a panel discussion attended by students, featuring three of the School’s academics whose research interests include human rights; Dr Stuart Goosey, Dr Stuart Wallace and Dr Ilaria Zavoli.

The panel spoke about their own career journeys to becoming human rights scholars and their current research themes within the realm of human rights.

Dr Goosey’s work focuses on age as a protective characteristic and the right to non-discrimination found in domestic and international human rights law with his two current projects – one looking to assess whether having lockdowns under a pandemic which are aged based can be understood as a violation to the right of non-discrimination and another which delves into how anti-discrimination law should address the injustice that the use of algorithms can cause.

Dr Wallace is researching concerns that the UK didn’t declare a state of emergency during the Covid-19 pandemic and the threat that has to our human rights in the long-term.

Dr Zavoli’s research currently focusses on how the destruction of cultural heritage can be conceptualised as a violation of ​international human rights law. 

Dr Goosey told us “for me it was fascinating to hear about my colleagues research projects and to see how passionate they are about such interesting topics. It was also a good opportunity to hear from students about their interests in pursuing ​the International Human Rights Law module and ​potential careers in this area”.