School of Law raises money for the Access to Justice Foundation

In place of the 2020 Legal Walk, The Access to Justice Foundation organised a nationwide online fundraising challenge called 'Go the Extra Mile for Justice'.

In September, 79 staff and students from the School of Law signed up to ‘Go the Extra Mile for Justice’ to raise funds which will go towards supporting free legal advice services across our region assisting those who are most in need.

Together the 14 teams covered an impressive 11,447 miles and raised over £500.

The winners were ‘The Queasy Riders’ who walked, ran and cycled an incredible 2331 miles and included the School’s outgoing Director of Student Education – Professor Nick Taylor and the Interim Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences – Professor Alastair Mullis.

The School’s Community Engagement Activities Co-ordinator Niamh Byrne told us:

“This challenge provided a brilliant opportunity for the school to come closer together as a community. It has been wonderful to see how engaged and committed staff and students have been along the way and the distances covered have just been incredible!

“It has been particularly heartening to receive comments from participants about how much they have enjoyed being on their team and the motivation this challenge provided. I am delighted we could support such an excellent initiative and cause, completing a remarkable number of miles for justice”.

You can also support the cause by donating any amount you wish to the School’s fundraising page.