Professor Leston-Bandeira’s book rated as 25th best of Greatest British Politics Books

We were delighted to hear that Professor Leston-Bandeira’s book Exploring Parliament was ranked 25th of 100 greatest British politics books, being the top book on the UK Parliament.

Professor Leston-Bandeira co-designed and co-edited this book with Dr Thompson (Manchester University). The book brings together over 50 authors, including the main scholars working on the UK Parliament, and senior parliamentary officials.

This pioneering book offers a fresh approach to the study of the UK Parliament, being composed of short academic and practitioner chapters, which are combined with highly relevant and practical case studies, to provide a new and accessible introduction to Parliament’s structures, people and practices.

The book was developed in partnership with practitioners and academics delivering parliamentary studies modules across the whole of the UK and therefore reflects a strong pedagogical ethos.  

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