Dr Heppell is quoted in Yorkshire Post article looking back on the life and career of Iain Macleod

Fifty years ago Iain Macleod passed away, four weeks after becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer under Edward Heath.

Since being first elected to Parliament in 1950, Macleod served as Minister of Health, Minister of Labour, Colonial Secretary and Leader of the House of Commons in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Speaking to Greg Wright, Dr Timothy Heppell said: “His passing deprived the Heath administration of a steadying influence. The Prime Minister was shattered by the loss and his administration was buffeted by events and turfed out of office at the first opportunity in early 1974. Heath needed the ministerial experience and political expertise that Macleod could offer.

“His importance was not just in consolidating the NHS’s existence but withstanding the attempts of the Treasury to limit its budget, thus undermining its potential effectiveness.

“His most significant ministerial contribution came as Colonial Secretary. A decoloniser, Macleod recognised the inexorable moves towards African independence and accelerated Britain’s peaceful withdrawal.”

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