Dr Stylianou appointed to the Lawmaking Commission on the modernisation of Competition Law in Greece

In January 2020 the Greek Ministry of Development and Investments convened the Lawmaking Commission to transpose recent EU Directives and make recommendations on the modernisation of competition law.

The Lawmaking Commission was officially convened by the Ministry for Development and Investments on 15 Jan. 

The Commission is headed by the President of the Hellenic Competition Commission and comprises academics and practitioners based in Greece, the UK and the US. Dr Stylianou has been appointed as a member of the Commission and will attend the first meeting on 7 February. There will be weekly meetings afterwards and the Commission is expected to present its work by the summer of 2020.

The Lawmaking Commission is tasked with transposing EU Directives into national law and with making recommendations on the modernisation of competition law. One of the main topics to be discussed is the application of competition law in the telecommunications sector. Dr Stylianou’s commented “This is an exciting opportunity to bring Greece in line with other highly-regarded and active jurisdictions in competition law enforcement”.

Dr Stylianou has an extensive wealth of knowledge on the subject, stemming from his doctoral dissertation on the application of competition law in the telecommunications sector. In September 2018, Dr Stylianou participated in the European Commission’s public consultation on Shaping Competition Policy in the Era of Digitisation. In the same year he also published an article ‘Exclusion in Digital Markets’ in Michigan Law Technology Review.

More recently, Dr Stylianou delivered training in November 2019 at the Hellenic Competition Commission on the application of competition law in blockchain markets. He currently teaches Law and Economics of Business Regulation, where one class is dedicated to telecom regulation. Despite his expertise, Dr Stylianou explained “The members of the Lawmaking Commission are all recognised experts in the area and I am looking forward to contributing and learning from them”.