Professor Richard Peake is teaching a MOOC on prisons and punishment on Future Learn

Professor Richard Peake is teaching a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on prisons and punishment through Future Learn.

This is a stand-alone 2 week interactive course, released globally on the Future Learn platform earlier this month. It will also be released on the UK schools programme in January 2020.

The course explores life inside UK prisons and whether this form of punishment reduces crime, and if rehabilitation can prevent reoffending. It is aimed at anyone interested in the field, from professionals to current or prospective undergraduate or postgraduate students. 

The course features contributions from several School of Law staff, including Suzanne Young, our former colleague Emma Wincup, PhD student Caroline Penn, current Masters student Liam Knights and 2019 graduate and sitting magistrate Elizabeth Bourgeois. There is also a contribution from David Honeywell, a former offender (part of the Convict Criminology network) and now a lecturer at Hull University, in an interview about prison conditions.

This is a free course and all are welcome to attend. 

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