Dr Conor O’ Reilly and Dr Camilo Tomayo Gomez appear on Colombian radio

Two School of Law academics have appeared on Colombian radio discussing their research.

Dr Conor O’ Reilly and Dr Camilo Tomayo Gomez have appeared on one of the most popular radio programmes in Colombia, discussing their Newton Fund research project - 'Mobile Solutions to the Mexican Kidnapping Epidemic'.

They appeared on a two-hour special programme on Radio Nacional Colombia, which was also syndicated to dozens of other Latin American broadcasters, discussing their research into the Mexican kidnapping epidemic. The project works with activist citizens, NGOs and human rights defenders, to develop counter-kidnapping resources which do not rely on private solutions or the state. These include a counter-kidnapping handbook; a support-network for the families of kidnap victims; and a mobile-phone app developed as both a secret alerting system and a secure reporting mechanism. It also explores how kidnapping dynamics take on additional dimensions in the US-Mexico borderlands as they both shape, and are shaped by, border mobilities.

The project will create strategies for peer-to-peer security planning, to strengthen victims' independence and to improve their capacities to assist others, which will be promoted across Mexican society.

You can find out more about the broadcast here: https://twitter.com/camilotamayog/status/1045170243079933952