Prestigious recognition for two School of Law academics with their new book Historical Criminology

Dr David Churchill and Professor Henry Yeomans  have been awarded the inaugural annual book award by the American Society of Criminology’s (ASC) Division of Historical Criminology

Historical Criminology, which Dr Churchill and Professor Yeomans co-wrote with Dr Iain Channing (University of Plymouth) outlines an agenda for advancing historical approaches to criminology. It introduces the concept of ‘historical criminology’ and delves into its defining features, strengths, and limitations. The authors explore how historical criminology can enhance, revise, and even challenge prevailing perspectives on social responses to crime.

Described by the ASC as ‘a valuable resource to researchers investigating historical studies of crime, criminal justice, harm, and regulation’, it makes concrete contributions to the study of theory, historical thought, and methodology of historical criminology. The book reflects on where the field of historical criminology has been, and also considers the possible future direction of the field.

The ASC says:

The Division of Historical Criminology at the ASC works to advance understanding, reflection, and the preservation of knowledge at the intersection of historical and criminological thought and practice. The book aligns with our division’s mission and will likely be a crucial text for scholars interested in the aims and possibilities of historical criminology.

Dr Churchill and Professor Yeomans say of the award:

We are excited and honoured to receive the inaugural Division of Historical Criminology book award. With this book, we sought to contribute to the pursuit of a more developed historical approach to the study of crime and justice, and it is tremendously heartening to read the committee’s generous comments on our efforts.

Congratulations to Dr Churchill, Professor Yeomans and Dr Channing on their wonderful achievement!

Dr David Churchill is an Associate Professor in Criminal Justice and Co-Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies.

X/Twitter: @dchurchill01

Professor Henry Yeomans is a Professor of Criminology, and our Director of Research and Innovation. He is a member of both the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies and Centre for Law and Social Justice.

X/Twitter: @yeomans_henry