Prof Stephen Hallett featured guest on US disability rights podcast network

A new podcast created by the University of Chicago podcast network, features Stephen Hallett, Visiting Professor at the School of Law at the University of Leeds.

The podcast series, Entitled, is hosted by law professors Professor Claudia Flores of Yale Law School and Tom Ginsburg of University of Chicago Law School. The series explores the stories and difficult questions around why rights matter and what’s the matter with rights.

The latest episode asks: “Are Equal Opportunities Possible in Our Ableist World?” and questions what does the right to equal opportunity look like?

Professor Hallett, who is also the Project Manager of the East Asia disability rights project, U-LEAD Rights Forum, was sharing the perspectives of disabled individuals, with co-guests Michael Stein, the executive director of the Harvard Law School Project on Disability and  Elsa Sjunneson, a deafblind disability rights activist and science fiction writer.

In the podcast, Stephen, who is registered blind, spoke of his early life in South Africa and his experiences of the treatment of disability in China, where he visited for a year in during his degree at Leeds, as the guest discussed disabled culture and attitudes across the world.

Entitled is produced with the support of University of Chicago Law School and Yale Law School, and is part of the award winning University of Chicago Podcast Network.

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Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash