New Head of School appointed in School of Law

Professor Louise Ellison began the role as new Head of School for the School of Law on Monday 3 May, taking over from Interim Head of School, Professor Joan Loughrey.

Following Professor Alastair Mullis moving to the role of Interim Executive Dean for the Faculty of Social Sciences in January 2020, the School of Law has been successfully led by Interim Head of School, Professor Joan Loughrey

“As interim Head, Joan has been remarkable. A more difficult time to take over (in retrospect) is hard to contemplate. We should not underestimate just how difficult becoming Head (for the first time) in this environment has been. Notwithstanding the circumstances, Joan led the School of Law with real care and commitment and the School, the Faculty and the University owe her a great deal. 

“I am delighted that Joan’s successor will be Professor Louise Ellison. She is an immensely accomplished colleague who has a very strong commitment to the School. I know that under Louise’s leadership the School will continue to thrive and I look forward very much to working with her over the coming years.” 

Professor Alastair Mullis - Interim Executive Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences 

Professor Louise Ellison graduated from the University of Leeds with LLB Honours in 1993 and was awarded her PhD from Leeds in 1997. She joined the School of Law as an Associate Professor from the University of Manchester in 2003, having also previously taught at the University of Reading. She was one of the first three women to be appointed internally to Professor, along with Professor Joan Loughrey and Professor Anthea Hucklesby, in 2012. 

Professor Ellison has held a number of leadership roles in the School including Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies 2014-19 and Director of Research and Innovation 2010-2013 and 2019-21. 

“I have worked with Louise for many years, and she has always been a source of wise advice and sound judgment. Over the last year as Head of School I have found her counsel and support invaluable, and her contribution to the School of the highest standard. I am delighted she is taking over - she knows the School really well, she has the trust of colleagues and she will be an excellent Head of School” 

Professor Joan Loughrey 

“I feel honoured to have the opportunity to serve as Head of the School of Law. With a proud history, we are one of the leading Law Schools in the UK.  I am not new to the School, so I know I have the good fortune of working alongside highly talented and committed colleagues and in partnership with a student body that never fails to impress.  

“I would like to pay tribute to my predecessors, Professors Alastair Mullis and Joan Loughrey. The School of Law has enjoyed many successes under their leadership although both would be the first to say that everything the School has accomplished in recent years has been a team effort. Building on this foundation, I am excited about the future of our School and what we will achieve together as a community.”    

Professor Louise Ellison