School of Law Professor informs Parliament on vital issues surrounding online advertising

School of Law Professor Pinar Akman’s research has informed a UK Parliamentary briefing (POSTNote) on online advertising technology and competition. 

Professor Pinar Akman who is also Ordinary Member (judge) at the Competition Appeal Tribunal and a member of the Innovation Advisory Group of the Financial Conduct Authority, specialises in competition law. Her research has informed a UK Parliamentary briefing (POSTNote) on online advertising technology and competition.  

Professor Akman was interviewed as an expert in the field by the authors of the briefing and is listed as a contributor and an external reviewer for the POSTNote. Professor Akman's empirical research findings on online platform users have been used as a reference point in the POSTNote regarding competition on digital markets and digital literacy. Professor Akman's empirical study has also been used as a reference by other policymakers and authorities such as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Professor Akman says:  

I am very pleased to see my empirical research on online platform consumers informing policy developments in the UK and abroad at a time when regulators and policymakers around the world are finding ways to tackle competition issues in digital markets. 

The POSTnote relates to the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill which is currently under scrutiny. Professor Akman’s involvement in this POSTnote both contributes to and reflects the School of Law’s reputation for significant involvement in policy development in the UK and internationally. 

Professor Akman is a member of the Centre for Business Law and Practice and is also our Director of Staff Wellbeing, Support and Development. For more of her insights into Competition Law, find her on X/Twitter @drpinarakman