Centre for Curriculum, Pedagogy and Policy seminar series: Working Toward Guiding Principles for Next Generation Science Instruction

Recommendations in numerous curricular documents around the globe suggest a movement toward science teaching that immerses students in doing science in order to learn science.

Pedagogy to support such environments is dynamic, in the moment, responsive to learners’ ideas, and targets both practices and concepts; thus is challenging particularly for new teachers. Methods textbooks are full of concepts and strategies related to best practice, but the sheer amount can be too much to which pre-service teachers can attend. Further, many early career teachers do not have the foundational experiences to make sense of nuanced strategies and approaches.

There is a need to identify a few guiding principles that do work for teachers in the classroom immediately, but also create classroom opportunities to push the envelope further while simultaneously serving as conceptual anchors for the development of more nuanced ideas.

This seminar talk will share some early studies to identify guiding principles for science instruction.

Speaker: Dr Andy Cavagnetto, Associate Professor of Science Education, Boeing Distinguished Professor, Washington State University and Visiting Fellow, School of Education, Durham University

The event is open to all, and registration is not required.