The Chain and Cascade Effects of Data Crime - Maria Gracia Porcedda and David Wall

Dr. Maria Grazia Porcedda and Professor David Wall will speak about the chain and cascade effects of data crime.

The Centre for Criminal Justice Studies are delighted to announce their latest work-in-progress seminar, delivered by Dr. Maria Grazia Porcedda and Prof. David Wall. 


An unholy alliance of big data and cloud computing is creating ‘upstream’, big data cyber dependent crimes. Data crime, such as data and security breaches and malware, is one of such large ‘upstream’ cybercrimes. Due to the chain and cascade effects, cyber dependent or upstream crimes can lead to cyber enabled or downstream crimes, which massively impacts upon victims.

Based on the discussion of case studies focussing on the UK, this paper seeks to show how several apparently unrelated cyber/data crimes are chained to one another and create a cascading effect of escalating data crime. These upstream crimes later have a secondary impact upon data subjects as ‘downstream’ cybercrimes such as fraud, extortion, etc., that occur when the data is subsequently monetarised.

The paper will demonstrate that upstream and downstream crimes are often committed by entirely different offending actors against different victim groups, which complicates and frustrates the reporting, recording, investigative and prosecution processes. To do so, the authors rely on a qualitative interdisciplinary methodology of case law and crime script analysis bridging law and criminology.

Taken together, the chain/cascade effects create unprecedented societal challenges that need addressing in the face of the advances of AI and the IoT. The paper discusses how law enforcement agencies can dissuade cyber offenders, and the legal system place adequate incentives, to prevent data crimes in light of the chain/cascade effects.

About the speakers

You can find out more about Maria Grazia and David's research via their University of Leeds web profiles. 


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