EC-TEL18 workshop: Unbundling and rebundling higher education using technology enhanced learning

As part of the European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, this workshop will look at marketization, unbundling and digital technology in the context of the Higher Education sector.

In this workshop, we will hear from academic researchers working in the area of marketization, unbundling and digital technology, in the context of the higher education sector. The workshop will focus on the benefits and challenges of the growth in unbundled online learning from universities, and the impact this is having on access, equality, flexibility, institutional mission and the changing nature of higher education.

The workshop will involve presentations of research data from a range of academic perspectives, including demonstrations of data for participants to explore, critically evaluate and discuss. We will pose several critical questions to the audience during the session, and invite responses digitally through a Padlet wall. At the end of the session, we will have a plenary discussion with all presenters and the audience.

Workshop programme:

13:50 – Welcome and introductions (Professor Neil Morris, University of Leeds)

14:00 – “The expanding data infrastructure of higher education: policy networks, performance measurement, and market-making” (Dr. Ben Williamson, University of Stirling)

14:30 – “Modes of unbundling and their implications for social justice” (Dr. Tristan McCowan, University College London)

15:00 – Q&A

15:15 – Coffee break

15:30 – “Mapping unbundling in the higher education terrain: South Africa and the UK.” (Dr. Bronwen Swinnerton, University of Leeds)

16:00 – “Potentials and challenges of digital disruption in higher education to tackle inequalities in South Africa” (Dr. Mariya Ivancheva, University of Leeds)

16:30 – Q&A

16:45 – Plenary discussion

17:15 – Finish

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