Have We Exceeded the Limits of Antitrust?

Join the 4th annual international competition law conference organised by the Centre for Business Law and Practice, and the 2nd time co-hosted by the International Center for Law and Economics (ICLE).

The purpose of the event is to provide a platform for scholars, regulators, and practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic to exchange views and develop their thinking on important aspects of competition law.

The theme of the conference is the modern relevance and future direction of “Chicago School antitrust,” and an assessment of the growing opposition to it.

In addition to an assessment of the influence of the Chicago School and related economic movements on antitrust, the event will address the scope of antitrust on both sides of the Atlantic; the contours of the consumer welfare standard (and whether it differs in the US and the EU); the growing “populist antitrust” movement to imbue competition policy with broader, social objectives; and the relationship between all of these and the modern, platform economy.

The panels are expected to cover topics such as:

ANTITRUST POPULISM: What are the limits of antitrust? Can (and should) antitrust address inequality, privacy, labor standards, localization, and similar issues?

THE CONSUMER WELFARE STANDARD: What does the CWS mean?: EU vs. US Perspectives. How can/should the CWS be reformed?: Process vs. substance.

ANTITRUST VS. OTHER SOURCES OF COMPETITION REGULATION: Do we need a “platform” regulator? A “privacy” regulator? What are the effects of the growing global convergence of telecom and antitrust regulation?

COMPETITION REGULATION IN POLITICAL/INSTITUTIONAL CONTEXT: What are the roles of courts, legislatures, agencies, and constitutions in defining the limits of antitrust? Is the de-politicization of competition regulation through institutional reform possible? Is it desirable?

ANTITRUST, INDUSTRIAL POLICY & INTERNATIONAL TRADE: When does antitrust enforcement become de facto implementation of industrial policy? What are the implications for international trade of the incorporation of IP policy, national security, and the like into antitrust enforcement decisions?

Confirmed speakers include:

Alden Abbott, General Counsel, FTC

Pinar Akman, Director ot the Centre for Business Law and Practice, and Professor of Law, University of Leeds

Babette Boliek, Chief Economist, Federal Communications Commission; Professor of Law, Pepperdine School of Law

Michelle Connolly, former Chief Economist, FCC; Professor of Economics, Duke University

Jacques Cremer, Special Adviser to European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager; Senior Researcher, Toulouse School of Economics

Alan Devlin, Counsel, Litigation & Trial Department, Latham & Watkins

Colm Mac Eochaidh, Judge, General Court of the European Union

Douglas Ginsburg, Senior United States Circuit Judge, US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit

Antonio Gomes, Head of OECD Competition Division; former President, Portuguese Competiton Authority; Assistant Professor, Universidade de Aveiro

Inge Graef, Assistant Professor Tilburg Law School, & Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, & Society

John Harkrider, Partner, Axinn

Gus Hurwitz, Associate Professor of Law, University of Nebraska College of Law; Director of Law & Economics Programs, International Center for Law & Economics

Joe Kennedy, Senior Fellow, ITIF, Former Chief Economist, US Department of Commerce

Tap Lipsky, Director, Competition Advocacy Program, Global Antitrust Institute; former DAAG, DOJ Antitrust Division

Geoffrey Manne, President & Founder, International Center for Law & Economics

Jon Nuechterlein, Partner, Sidley Austin LLP; former General Counsel of the FTC

Maureen Ohlhausen, FTC Commissioner; Nominee, US Court of Federal Claims

Noah Phillips, FTC Commissioner; former Chief Counsel to Senator John Cornyn, Senate Judiciary Committee

Randy PickerDistinguished Service Professor of Law, University of Chicago

Aurelien Portuese, Director, LL.M. Programme in European Business Law & Director, LL.M. Programme in International Business, St. Mary’s University

Ekaterina Rousseva, Directorate-General for Competition, European Commission

Jan Rybnicek, Senior Associate, Freshfields, Bruckhaus, Deringer

Howard Shelanski, former Chief Economist at the FTC & the FCC;  Professor of Law, Georgetown University School of Law

Thibault Schrepel, Assistant Professor, Utrecht University School of Law; Associate Researcher, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Konstantinos Stylianou, Lecturer in Competition Law & Regulation, University of Leeds School of Law

Joshua Wright, former FTC Commissioner; Professor of Law, George Mason University Antonin Scalia School of Law;  Executive Director, Global Antitrust Institute

Luigi Zingales, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Director, Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State


Event location

Kimpton Mason & Rook Hotel
1430 Rhode Island Avenue NW
Washington, DC
United States

We will update this page as more information comes in. Please also visit our co-host’s website: https://laweconcenter.org/event/the-limits-of-antitrust/

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