Writing as an interdisciplinary research process

Professor Giuseppe Cocco, political theorist and Professor at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), joins us to lead this workshop on Thursday 8 February.

The process of writing is as much subject to methodological dilemmas and challenges as is the collection of data.

In this workshop, Professor Cocco will discuss the process of book writing as a research process, reflecting on his own disciplinary research trajectory, and how he builds in material, methodological and empirical insights, and debates from a variety of fields. His work has touched on numerous disciplines, including but not limited to political economy, aesthetics, sociology, anthropology and history. Most recently, he has been working on issues of violence, poverty and security in Brazil. He will also discuss the evolution of his research and writing over a number of publications, and offer insights that will be useful to PGRs and ECRs, whatever their current stage of writing.

There will be time for questions and discussions, and participants should be prepared to contribute their own experiences and challenges to the discussion.

To ensure quality of discussion, numbers will be capped at 20.

Attendance is free, but please book your place

If you are unable to attend, please cancel your place to allow others to sign up.

For all further enquiries please contact Pathway Deputy Director Polly Wilding.

Professor Cocco is also joining us later in the day to lead research seminar 'The Brazilian Crisis and Rethinking Future Security Policy'.


Professor Giuseppe Cocco obtained his Doctorate in Social History at Université de Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne) (1993). He is part of the Multitudes collective in France and he is an editor of the social and political theory journal Lugar Comum in Brazil. He is also one of the founders of Universidade Nômade Brasil, a platform for analysis of the contemporary political context by political theorists, social theorists and philosophers. He co-authored a book with Antonio Negri, GlobAL: Biopoder e lutas em uma América Latina Globalizada (2005).  Two of his recent books are: Mundobraz: o devir-Brasil do mundo e o devir-mundo do Brasil (Record, 2009); andKorpoBraz:Por uma política dos corpos (Mauad X, 2014).

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