Postgraduate Research Conference 2008

The inaugural Graduate School Postgraduate Research Conference on the topic 'My Research: What is its potential impact?'

Former Dean of ESSL, Professor John Leach, opened the conference with an inspiring insight into an individual’s ‘research journey’.

Four PhD students then gave engaging, stimulating papers and fielded subsequent questions with great skill and confidence.

Outgoing Pro-Dean for Research, Professor Mark Priestley, then expertly pulled together the strings of the conference and offered some excellent advice on networking and becoming known as a researcher.

Add to this the excellent lunch, the drinks at the end of the conference and the generally relaxed and supportive atmosphere, and the conference had the essential ingredients for a very positive research experience.

Views and feedback

I think it is essential for people to make what may be their first presentation of their academic career at smaller, friendly faculty level conferences where the audience will be receptive and non-threatening. I really valued the written feedback and I thought this was a really useful tool.

Thank you very much for your email and all the kind and encouraging words. In fact, I am very thankful to you and your staff for providing me the opportunity to refine my presentation skills for future endeavours.

I found the ESSL Postgraduate Conference very helpful. The experience of presenting for the first time in a friendly, supportive environment was extremely beneficial, and filled me with a great deal of confidence. Thank you for your constructive comments and the opportunity to present at this conference.


Opening Address (PDF) by John Leach , Dean of the Faculty of ESSL.

Women’s use of public space and feelings of personal safety: preliminary findings and fieldwork narratives (PDF) by Laura Sheard.

The Dilemma of International Economic Governance (PDF) by Trisha Rajput

Understanding the ‘New’ Humanitarianism: conceptual disparities and varying parameters of the debate by Volha Piotukh.

Exploring the place of violence within the lives of women who are domestically violent: how do support services communicate with female perpetrators within West Yorkshire? (PDF) by Sarah Williams.

Young people’s Decision-making in 14-19 Education and Training. What impact can a PhD study have? By Bettina Suarez.

Closing Address (PDF) by Mark Priestley, Outgoing Pro-Dean for Research.