ESSL Careers Week: Career options post PhD

An event outlining career paths for post PhD students

Despite being some of the most highly educated people in the country, PhD students often find that their early career choices are far from straightforward.
Moreover, with the pressure to ‘get the thing finished’ some may put off thinking about what they are going to do when they finish until the time.
The Life (and Careers) After PhD talk will include professional advice as well as talks from recent postgraduates about their experiences.

Issues covered will include:
- What steps can you take to help you get that first academic job?
- What non-academic options are there?
- The pros and cons of teaching vs. researching
- What options are available and how can you choose between them?

There will be the chance to ask questions and to talk informally and share your thoughts.

For more information or to book onto a session, login to the Careers Centre events site.