Religion and Politics Seminar: 'Secularism and non-religion'

You are all warmly invited to our next Politics and Religion Seminar.


How should non-religious people respond to the ongoing global influence of religion? In what ways are prominent atheist thinkers rejecting religious ideas, or making use of them? Are particular ideas of the ’sacred’ returning? This seminar explores the political aspects of non-religion and what we should make of distinctions between the secular and the religious.

Stefan Skrimshire: 'Zizek, Buddha and Christ (post-secular controversies)'

Stuart McAnulla: 'The Dilemmas of Radical Secularism – Richard Dawkins and Godless Politics'

Philip Mellor: 'Embodying the Sacred? Social Theory and the Return of the Sacred'

All are welcome and there is no need to book in advance.