Workshop: Lewis Minkin’s 'The Blair Supremacy'

In conjunction with the PSA Labour Movements Group, this workshop celebrates the launch of Lewis Minkin’s new book, ‘The Blair Supremacy’.


1.20 - 2.45 pm Introduction
Eric Shaw (University of Stirling) ‘Lewis Minkin’s The Blair Supremacy: An Overview’
2.50 - 4.20 pm Understanding Labour politics
Mark Wickham-Jones (University of Bristol) ‘The Labour Party Trade Union Review Group, 1992-1993’
Tom Quinn (University of Essex) ‘The Labour Party-Trade Union Link Under Blair and Brown’
4.30 - 6.00 pm Roundtable discussion: Blair’s party
John Kelly (Birkbeck College) (chair)
Tim Heppell (University of Leeds)
Matt Beech (University of Hull)
Lewis Minkin (University of Leeds)
Emmanuelle Avril (Sorbonne)


The Social Sciences Building is number 82 on the campus map.