L-CYR Seminar Series: Schools out, what now? The importance of holiday clubs for children and families in the UK

This talk explores the impact of holiday clubs on children and families in the UK, particularly in terms of nutritional, health and social benefits, and look at implications for policy and practice.


The issue of poor nutrition and inactivity amongst children during the school holidays has received increased attention in recent years. This has prompted a rapid rollout of holiday clubs in many school and community venues throughout the UK, which aim to provide children and families with meals and activities during the school holidays. Drawing on data collected from children, parents, teachers and holiday club staff, perceived benefits of holiday clubs will be discussed, including the provision of nutritious food and reduced food insecurity, as well as access to activities and valuable social time. Areas for further consideration in the development of holiday clubs and potential implications for policy and practice will also be discussed.

Dr Pamela Graham is a Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow currently working within the Department of Social Work, Education and Community Wellbeing at Northumbria University. Dr Graham is particularly interested in child and adolescent development and family health & wellbeing and has conducted research predominantly investigating the impact of school and community food interventions, such as breakfast clubs and holiday clubs, on various outcomes for children and families.


All welcome, no registration required.