The Translator

'The Translator' is a dynamic, surprising and humorous examination of how we communicate and who is responsible for making sure we all understand each other.

Cap-a-Pie, renowned for creative innovative and unusual theatre, has been working with Dr Lou Harvey. Lou's research explores the experience of international students, their struggles with making themselves understood, and knowing what is going on around them in a new environment.

Together with students at University of Leeds, 'The Translator' has been created with Lou and Cap-a-Pie to share the experiences of new arrivals to the UK as they navigate a new cultural and language, as well as examining what communication means to all of us.

'The Translator' is a 45-minute work-in-progress performance followed by audience discussion. The themes of the performance have particular urgency in this era of migration and mobility, Brexit and cultural insecurity, and Lou and Cap-a-Pie are looking for potential collaborators who can help to develop this work in/for further intercultural, education and migration contexts within and beyond Leeds. Please contact Lou at if you would like to find out more.

Location details

67 - 71 Bath Road
LS11 9UA