Performing Violence, Engendering Change Conference

Performing Violence, Engendering Change: A Conference on Gender and the use of Arts-Based Methods to Understand Conflict, Prevent Violence and Build Peace

In recent years, scholars, policy makers and practitioners have begun to acknowledge the benefits of using arts-based methods for violence prevention, peacebuilding and understanding the impacts of conflict. However, the ability of arts-based methods to explore gendered experiences of violence and conflict and to prevent and respond to gender harms remain under-explored.

This Conference aims to address this gap by bringing together artists, academics, activists and representatives from civil society and governments. The Conference will focus on linking participants across disciplines and backgrounds to highlight the potential of the arts and art-based methods in addressing gender issues in conflict situations and peacebuilding.

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Full conference programme and further information available at: 2021 CONFERENCE PROGRAMME | Performing Violence

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