The POLIS Seminar Series welcomes Professor Jason Ralph

We are pleased to announce that Jason Ralph will be presenting “On Global Learning. Pragmatism, International Practice and the Challenge of Global Governance" in our next school seminar on 21 October.

In this talk, Jason Ralph introduces the main themes of his current book project, which aims to answer two questions: what does the classical American Pragmatism of Jane Addams, John Dewey and others mean for debates in contemporary International Relations (IR), especially those relating to the ‘practice turn’; and how does that help us meet contemporary global security, health and climate challenges?  

In this wide-ranging presentation, Jason will focus on the Pragmatist ‘temperament’; the centrality of emotions and experience to its analysis; the value it places on ‘fallibilism’, ‘sympathy’ and ‘conscientious reflection’; and how these underpin an engaged and deliberative form of democratic pedagogy committed to an ongoing process of social inquiry and learning.  This is then used to critique international practices in the fields of security and climate governance.

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Should you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact Sarah McLaughlin or Tanisa Gunesekera.