Professor Louise Waite becomes a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences

The Professor of Human Geography & Director of Leeds Social Sciences Institute has been recognised for her work on migration, modern slavery, refugees and asylum seekers.

The Academy of Social Sciences is a community of academics, societies and practitioners in the social sciences who aim to promote the social sciences in the UK for public benefit. 

Professor Waite is a human geographer working in an interdisciplinary way in the field of unfree/ forced labour and discourses of ‘modern slavery’.
On receiving the award she said, “It is a huge honour to have been elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. The Academy is vital in supporting social scientists to work collaboratively for a better future in the face of the many and profound challenges we are facing as a society. 

“My own work as an interdisciplinary social scientist, together with my leadership of Leeds Social Sciences Institute, means I am truly excited to have become a Fellow at this moment in time where the need to champion the importance of social sciences in understanding and responding to complex global challenges has never been greater.” 

Professor Waite is  currently leading LSSI’s ESRC funded Impact Acceleration Account (£1.2m) which is delivering challenge led impactful interdisciplinary research, plus completing a collaborative project on faith-based and secular organisations’ growing role in anti-trafficking efforts to tackle modern slavery.